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Have you ever been told that your website may be ranked in three months?


That surely sounds incredible; so incredible that you’re tempted to pay for their services. But what happens three months later is always the same. Your website does not even appear on the first page of the search engine results.

And, if you managed to rank in the top three for your generic keywords, you can bet that some black hat techniques were employed, and Google’s hammer will slam your material back down to earth. But only if it’s feeling generous.

There are many queries about content marketing that do not receive the honest answers they deserve. We’ll show you the most often asked content marketing questions and be the honest broker that doesn’t sugarcoat the reality.


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Google Adwords Payment

In your country, Google Ads offers three payment options: automatic payments, manual payments, and monthly invoicing. Automatic payments: After your ads run, Google Ads charges your payment method automatically. Manual payments: You pay for your adverts before they run.


Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is an online advertising technique that involves contacting past visitors to your website or app, typically through the display of advertisements or the sending of emails. Retargeting allows you to re-engage with potential leads or consumers who left your site without converting or fulfilling a marketing goal.

How Do I pull Leads From Facebook

Go to your Facebook page and select the Publishing Tools option from the top bar. The Lead Ads Forms area is on the left-hand side. Select the Forms Library option from this menu. Click Download in the Leads column. Your leads will be saved as a CSV file.